I’m obsessed with living the best life.

We only get one. It’s shorter than any of us ever realize. Why not make it the greatest?

Why not laugh the most? Learn the most? Be the most?

Why not attack every day with the force of a thousand hurricanes?

Anything less would be a waste.


This blog is about harnessing that force.


What do I need to eat to have 10,000 times more energy than every other person?

How do I need to exercise to feel like I can move mountains?

What do I need to believe to make the most of every opportunity life throws my way?

How do I need to live to never waste a second?

With the right diet, the right exercise, and the right way of thinking, I hope to be able to lead a life that’s worth sharing with the world. That changes the way everyone lives, for the better, forever.

That's thesteeleroddick way.

Ready to start raging life better?

Ready to start raging life better?

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